Wednesday, August 27, 2008

News You Can Use: Pet care a valued benefit

Nearly half (43%) of employees say they would use employer-sponsored services to find pet care if offered, states a new survey from Workplace Options. Three in five American workers own pets.

"Offering pet care resources and other convenience services is a great way for companies to reduce workers' stress about everyday demands and make them feel good about their workplace," said Dean Debnam, chief executive officer for WPO. "Convenience services are a smart investment that pays off for employers in the long run."

Okay, so it's not a hardcore benefit like LTC or life insurance. But who says Rover and Princess don't deserve benefits too? After all, they're members of your family. If you want more information, see this recent article in Employee Benefit News: Trends in veterinary care secure the staying power of pet insurance.

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David Wilson said...

I used to be in HR at AOL and they offered Pet Assure to employees. It's not pet insurance but it's a great simple plan that saved some employees a lot of money. I have no pets but everyone that had Pet Assure seemed thrilled.