Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tip of the Day: Energy (and cost) saving tips for the office

When your business is struggling to save for every penny, low-to-no-cost ways to save money are often overlooked in the search for the next grand solution. Go green(er) and with these cost saving measures, courtesy of the E.P.A.'s ENERGY STAR program:

Give it a rest
Use power management settings on your computer and monitor (sleep mode) when not in use. Use the power strip as a central "turn off" point to completely disconnect the power supply at night.

Unplug it
Unplug cell phones and laptops when they are charged. Adapters draw energy from outlets even when they're not charging.

Lighten up
Make sure your bulbs are ENERGY STAR efficient. They last up to ten times longer and use 75% less energy. And of course, turn the lights off when you leave.

Let it flow
Make sure paper, files and office supplies aren't blocking air vents. Blocked vents use up to 25% more energy.

Team up
Remember the power of numbers. Create a "green team" in your office to brainstorm ways to make your working environment a greener place.

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