Monday, November 10, 2008

Tip of the Day

Be a "wicked cool" communicator.

The consumer marketing strategy of hooking employees with "cool" features - can easily apply to benefits communication, the current EBN reports.

"You've got to meet the wicked cool factor," says Elizabeth Byerly, office practice leader in communications for Watson Wyatt's Atlanta office. For example, use a different voice or action for all communications (like the Geico commercials). Make a simple e-mail stand out with a popular song playing in the background, she suggests.

Upping an organization's cool factor also can involve leveraging cool employees, the pros assert. Think of them as employee-Fonzes. "Find who the opinion shapers and vocal people are within your organization and get them involved," says Michal Kisilevitz, managing director of the Benefits Roundtable at Corporate Executive Board.

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