Friday, May 22, 2009

Overheard @: HSA enrollees have no regrets

As more employers switch to CDHPs and HSAs to fight the good fight against health care costs, they have greater reassurance that the plans will be well-received by employees, as two new surveys show HSA participants have few regrets about switching to the plans.

In an online survey by OptumHealth, 82% are content with their accounts and 74% would recommend an HSA to a friend. The online survey involved 500 HSA owners and was conducted in February and March.

Further, countering the charge from opponents that HSAs are only for the healthy and wealthy, America’s Health Insurance Plan reports that almost half (49%) of HSA holders live in neighborhoods with median incomes under $50,000, according to 2000 Census data.

AHIP also finds about 8 million Americans are covered by an HSA-eligible insurance plan. The study also reveals that HSA owners are forward thinkers when it comes to financial and physical well-being. For instance, 64% have asked about generic options for medication and 47% have queried their physicians about charges.

HSA accountholders also believe that people need to become more engaged in their health care, with 83% of respondents agreeing that consumers should research and comparison shop their health care options as they would for a new television set. Additionally, 72% said that individuals should be responsible for helping to manage their health care costs.

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