Monday, May 4, 2009

Tip of the Day: Before you conduct layoffs, read this

A new survey from Work+Life Fit, Inc. finds 94% of full-time employees are willing to save jobs by changing or reducing their schedule, or taking a pay cut.

In addition:
* 60% would take additional unpaid vacation days or furloughs.
* 48% would share their jobs with colleagues.
* 47% would take a cut in both pay and hours
* Just under a third would take a month or more unpaid sabbatical.

"Layoffs will always be a possibility. [However], it's not an all or nothing choice -- flexibility or layoffs," says Cali Williams Yost, CEO, Work+Life Fit, Inc. "Hopefully CEOs and others planning job cuts will learn that a 5% layoff can sometimes cost more than a 5% pay cut. All options need to be considered."

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