Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tip of the Day: Maintain that dental plan

Sure, it's not as "sexy" and newsmaking as other benefits, like health care and retirement plans. And it's not the "unicorn" benefit that might get you on the Fortune list, like sushi bars and onsite massages. But dental benefits arguably are the tortoise to health benefits hare, and a new survey from Delta Dental cements their value among consumers. reports Delta Dental Plans Association recently issued survey results showing that workers with employer-sponsored dental benefits are more likely to visit their dentists for checkups than other workers.

For example, 83% of participants with dental benefits visit the dentist twice or more a year, compared to 63% of consumers who pay out of pocket for their dental benefits or dental care. Moreover, employed adults lose more than 64 million hours of work each year due to dental disease or dental visits.

Click here to read more survey results and related EBN dental coverage.

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