Tuesday, February 3, 2009

News You Can Use: E-Verify on hold

E-Verify, a system rule that would require employers to screen workers to ensure their employment eligibility (read: immigration status), has been tabled until May 21 to give new Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano time to review it.

I suspect Secretary Napolitano can take all the time she wants/needs, if employers could have their way, as previous EBN reports on E-Verify quotes sources that cites the system's "reliability issues," and even going so far as to call it "unworkable."

E-Verify has drawn resistance -- to put it lightly -- from employers, and last December, the Chamber of Commerce and Society for Human Resource Management filed a lawsuit to block it. So I don't blame Secretary Napolitano for wanting to take some extra time (the rule was set to become effective in just a few weeks, on Feb. 20) to decide the system's fate.

What are your thoughts on E-Verify (like I need to ask)? Comment below.


leah shepherd-- managing editor at EBN said...

I heard at a conference last week that employers have to sign a memorandum of understanding to participate in eVerify. Lawyers warned that the MOE allows the government to search some employer info and databases without a warrant.

EBN Editor Kelley M. Butler said...

Interesting -- that puts yet another twist in this already complex plot. I'm looking forward to see how it ultimately shakes out and what Sec. Napolitano decides.