Friday, March 6, 2009

Tip of the Day: Less than a month to go - Make sure your Part D is in e-prescribing compliance

With less than a month to go before e-prescribing technology mandates for Medicare Part D plans become effective, some plans still aren't ready to comply, AIS Health reports.

According to AIS, Under the 2003 Medicare reform law that created the Medicare prescription benefit (better known as Part D), all Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans and stand-alone Part D Prescription Drug Plans are required to be able to support e-prescribing standards once they are in place.

The deadline for plans to meet the e-prescribing standards -- including formulary and benefit transactions, medication history transactions, fill-status notifications and identification of individual health care providers -- is (no joke!) April 1. Don't let your plan make an April fool out of you.

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