Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tip of the Day: Play mind games (but in a good way)

Employees are getting hit with a bunch of health care letters these days: HSAs, HRA, CDHPs. And before you toss more at them, VBBD (value-based benefits design), experts tell EBN you need to get into their minds to change workers' attitudes toward health care quality and cost.

VBBD focuses on lowering or eliminating out-of-pocket costs for medications, medical procedures, services and visits to physicians and hospitals that have a track record of obtaining high-quality outcomes. VBBD is gaining momentum among employers, but can run into obstacles built by employee misperceptions about the relationship between health care cost and quality.

The Midwest Business Group on Health assembled nine focus groups to gauge employees' attitudes on cost and quality issues. Click here to read what they found and how you can change workers' minds as a means to lowering costs.

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