Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tip of the Day: It's Earth Month, so 'PayItGreen'

April is Earth Month (Earth Day is April 22) and May is Direct Deposit Month, so use both as an opportunity to help save the planet and your company bottom line.

According to the folks at PayItGreen, paying employees via direct deposit has saved U.S. businesses a total of $6.7 billion over the past 10 years, an average annual savings of $605 million -- nothing to sneeze at in these tough times.

Breaking it down even further, the organization finds that in one year, if every U.S. employee with access to direct deposit used it, it annually can:
- Save 11,082,971 pounds of paper.
- Avoid the release of 105,709,380 gallons of wastewater.
- Save 4,105,889 gallons of gas.
- Avoid the release of 31,581,675 pounds of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, equivalent to 112,329,703 miles not driven; 1,345,379 trees planted and 13,756,978 square feet of forest preserved.

Visit (click the Business tab) to calculate your company's specific payroll savings by using the direct deposit cost calculator.

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