Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yay or Nay: Can Congress produce a health care reform bill by summer?

Will the umpteeth time be the charm on efforts to reform the nation's health care system? Congress gets down to work this week tackling the difficult task of drafting universal coverage legislation by this summer.

To be blunt, the odds are stacked against them. Historically, efforts to get lawmakers to meet in the middle on health care have failed disastrously (just ask Secretary Clinton). Further, Republicans and Democrats currently are pretty far apart in their views on how and whether to provide health insurance to everyone.

But they are soldiering forth, even as Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) told the Associated Press, "This is the toughest issue we have ever taken on — every part has got a chance of blowing up."

It seems all options are on the table -- individual or employer mandates and taxing benefits among some of the proposals -- and as the debate heats up along with the weather this summer, EBN will bring you the latest updates. (Click here to troll our recent coverage.)

But can they do it? Is this year the year for health care reform? Yay or nay? Comment and let me know.


Anonymous said...

Nay - 90% of health insurance decisions as well as many of the provider decisions are based on the federal tax code. You can change the entire health care arena by changing the code - in other words financial incentives work. The command and control leftists in charge of the federal government would never settle for just changing the code - they want to nationalize the health care system to shore up Medicare and Medicaid financial failures and to be the ones making all the decisions. At least some members of Congress recognize the real goal of the left and will stand in their way. My prediction is 2010 before the election before a bill is passed.

Anonymous said...

Socializing healthcare will be a disaster. If you want proof ask the Brits and Canadians.