Thursday, December 4, 2008

News You Can Use: Nearly one third of employees may not own a home computer

Nearly all (94.5%) of human resource professionals say that it is important for employees to own a home computer, but as many as one-fourth of professionals say that over 30% of employees don't own computers at home.

"The survey echoes what we have seen as a growing trend -- access to home computers has expanded in recent years, but disparities still exist for those employees trying to acquire these essential, life-enhancing products during these unforgiving economic times," said Elizabeth Halkos, vice president of sales and marketing for Purchasing Power, the Atlanta-based company that conducted the survey.

Having access to benefit information online is the most important reason for employees to have home computers, according to 81.5 % of respondents. Also ranking high (both at 50.6 %) as an important use for a home computer was improving skills of the employee through online education and accessing wellness programs and other health information.

When asked if they have any solutions available for employees without home computers, 57.7 % of respondents said they did not. Of the 42% of respondents who do, 28.5% said they have computer kiosks in the workplace for use on breaks and 27% have loaner laptops for take-home use. Only 16.6 % reported they are offering computer purchase as a voluntary benefit, however.

The random sample survey was conducted during the 21st Annual Benefits Forum & Expo and the Society for Human Resource Management's (SHRM) 60th Annual Conference.

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