Thursday, December 4, 2008

News You Can Use: Report details discriminatory, unsanitary practices by CVS

The CVS Caremark Corporation is under fire today about the results of an investigation into practices regarding access to its stores and services, quality control and consumer privacy and safety issues at CVS stores.

The study, conducted by consumer advocacy group Cure CVS over a 14-month period, finds that in the metro New York City area, CVS operates four times as many stores per person in the where the median annual household income is over $80,000, as in the least, where the median annual income is under $40,000. There are twice as many CVS stores per person in the wealthiest areas of Greater Los Angeles as there are in the least wealthy. By contrast, Walgreens and Rite Aid have more stores per person in less affluent areas across the country, the group concludes.

The report also finds that CVS is more likely to place 24-hour stores and in-store medical clinics in majority-white neighborhoods and higher-income communities. The chain also has been taken to task for unsanitary practices. In June , the Attorneys General of New York and California demanded that CVS stop offering expired infant formula and over-the-counter medications.

CVS is the nation’s largest drug store chain, operating 6,800 stores nationwide. CVS Caremark Corporation is the nation’s largest source of prescription drugs.

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