Friday, December 12, 2008

News You Can Use: Stressed employees flocking to EAPs

Survey results from the Employee Assistance Society of North America show an 88.2% increase in calls to EAPs for financial services. In addition, requests for help coping with stress were up 82.4%, and calls for legal services were up 41.2%.

Such results don't really surprise us much here at EBN, as financial and emotional worries often go hand in hand. However, what does seem troublesome is that we haven't seen similar surveys that show calls to retirement advice lines have been burning up as well. Are employers not offering retirement/fincancial planning services in as large numbers as they do EAPs? Are EAPs better communicated? Do employees feel more comfortable talking about their finances in the abstract rather than facing hard numbers?

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James Thomas said...

Stress needs to be dealt with... the employees who are fortunate enough to have an EAP should use them!

I've talked to many people who are unable to afford independent stress management coaching resources, despite falling prices in this economy.

-James T.

Stress Management Coach