Friday, October 17, 2008

News you can use: CFOs most concerned about benefits

New survey from the folks at Grant Thornton shows that CFOs are eyeing benefits. The firm recently asked about 700 CFOs and other financial executives "which types of pricing pressure are you most concerned about?"

54.97% said employee benefits (e.g., health care, pensions)
40.20% said energy
38.74% said raw materials (e.g., food, metals)
16.81% said insurance
12.43% said other
4.82% said commercial property

And while it might be tempting to read the use of "concerned" in the question as a euphemism for cut, the experts over at GT say not so fast. Check back here on Monday for a podcast of EBA Editor Robert L. Whiddon's recent interview with some of the brains behind the survey.

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