Thursday, October 30, 2008

News you can't use: Will lick boots to prevent getting the boot

People always say they don't know what they'd do in a desperate situation until actually placed into it. Today's economic crisis is no exception. A new survey by Randstad USA shows that almost three in four employees would go to lengths to protect their jobs.

Check it out, below:

How far employees are willing to go to impress their boss in order to create more job security

Gen Y
age 18-34
Gen X
Would do something to impress their boss 80%72%68%62%
Take on additional work/responsibilities65%56%50%53%
Work overtime51% 49%46%35%
Stay late/come in early to show extra face time48%40%29%22%
Socialize with my boss out of the office28%15%6%4%
Do personal favors (run errands) 17%10%5%8%

While employees seem willing to go to great lengths to impress their boss, they draw the line at taking a paycut; only 4% of respondents said they would take a pay cut to ensure job security. Some were willing to take on added responsibilities; 63% of women said they would take on more work while 52% of men said they would.

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