Tuesday, October 14, 2008

News You Can Use: National Boss Day is Thursday

Nobody likes a suck up, but here's one day of the year when it just might be acceptable. Thursday is the 50th anniversary of National Boss Day.

"We find that employees today want to show their appreciation for their superiors who not only take on the challenges of leading a successful team, but also work to mentor employees and assist in their professional growth," said Abby Gibbs, Boss's Day product manager at American Greetings.

While we're not quite sure what you should do to honor this momentous holiday, (flowers or cards are suggested), we have done a bit of research into appropriate gifts under $50.

For the Traditionalist:

Professional and stylish is the name of the game. Show them that your affection won't die (or require lots of care) with this sleek Fern in a silver planter. $29.99 at 1-800-Flowers.com.

Gestures don't have to cost big bucks. Send them a Boss Day e-card. Free with registration on AmericanGreetings.com

If your boss is sweet as can be, send them one of these signature seven-layer southern caramel cakes. If you're really lucky, they'll share. $42.50 at CarolinesCakes.com.

For the Joker:

If your boss is a practical joker, they'll love the sarcastic (and sometimes less-than-appropriate) cards from SomeECards.com, like this one that reads: "Have a great Boss' Day even though I have no idea if you're technically my boss." Free at someecards.com.

Your boss once told you "money doesn't grow on trees." Now it does, with this "money tree," $49.99 at RedEnvelope.com.

Do you secretly suspect that your boss is playing Scrabulous on company time? Give them a miniature ping pong or golf desk set so that they can play in public. $9.99 at MerlinsBox.com.

For the Stylista

Just make sure she's already married, or this gigantic bling paperweight might imply something other than your affection for her skills as a leader. $20 at Wishingfish.com.

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