Friday, October 17, 2008

News You Can Use: Employees hopping on the wellness bandwagon

Employees want to become healthier, and they are receptive to wellness programs offered by their employers. That’s the take-home message from the National Business Group on Health’s new survey.

As a result of employer communications about health and wellness, 43% of workers have made an effort to improve their overall health. For this type of communication, e-mail is the preferred format of 77% of employees. “They want more health care communications targeted to their interests,” says Helen Darling, president of NBGH. “Employees do value communications from their employer. ”

Other key findings include:
* 74% of employees are trying to adopt healthier lifestyles today in hopes of reducing future health care costs in retirement.
* 54% of workers say they would take advantage of health-related programs sponsored by their employer, union or health plan.
* 47% of employees say work demands prevent them from leading a healthier life.
* 34% of all employees would be very likely or extremely likely to participate in a stress management program if it was offered at work.

Darling notes, “The financial meltdown will make [wellness initiatives] more important. We know we need to do better.”

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