Tuesday, September 23, 2008

News You Can Use: The New CDH is "Compliance-Driven Health"

If you merged the hot topics of yesterday and today with the health care vision of tomorrow, what would you get? According to Aaron C. Davis of NextLogical Benefit Strategies, LLC, that "next big thing" is the "new" CDH, Compliance-Driven Health. In a session of the same name, Davis spoke to a full house about what this modification in health plan design will mean for both employers and employees.

In essence, Davis' plan involved encouraging health through measures like both preventive care and disease management. Plan participants were "given the rope to hang themselves." If they stayed on their medications, adhered to checkup regimes, and practiced behaviors prescribed by their doctors, co-pays and deductibles remained low. The minute compliance slacked, out-of-pocket costs were doubled.

The idea is controversial, but seems to have merit. We're curious to hear your thoughts - a November article is being planned on this topic and we're searching for employers who have tried similar steps or who think this might work for their population.

If you have comments, leave them below the article or e-mail McLean.Robbins@SourceMedia.com to be contacted for an interview.

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