Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Overheard At: September's Stupendous Podcasts

September is jam-packed with great new online content. For our first issue this month, there will be even more of the audio-only content you've grown to know and love. Access us on the web at ebn.podhoster.com.

If you're new to the series, Here's the low-down: each month, EBN editors will interview readers like yourself and other benefit experts for a brief glimpse into benefit challenges, success stories and tips to improve your business.

Many podcasts will correspond with articles in that month's issue, and some will accompany online-only content.

Here are some highlights:

Don't forget to look for our second set of podcasts this month, out September 15. If you're not already attending our annual conference, you'll find highlights of conference sessions, exclusive interviews with our BENNY winners, plus additional resources from the articles in the issue.

EBN's "Five Minutes With..." series is brought to you by MemberHealth, Experts in Retiree Group Healthcare Plans. A Universal American Company.

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