Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tip of the Day: Engage new hires through effective onboarding

A Tuesday afternoon session at Benefits Forum and Expo offered an exclusive glimpse at a case study that showed how onboarding techniques can work to engage new workers. Hannaford Brothers, a 27,000 employee grocery chain in the Northeast, offered this checklist of things to consider when designing your own corporate program:

  • How high-tech or low-tech do you want to go/ are you able to go effectively?
  • What should be high touch, and what should be low-touch?
  • Will you offer pre-start remote access to computers?
  • What systems, forms, and processes will be a part of the new hire process?
  • How will content management be addressed?
  • What steps and processes will you track (to determine ROI)?
  • How does your multi-generational workforce impact plans? What will you do differently for workers of different ages and levels?

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