Monday, September 29, 2008

Tip of the Day

HR nonprofit firm Capital Associated Industries recently picked the brain of Brandon Dempsey, vice-president of Suite Commute, LLC, a company that aids employers in implementing telework programs. Dempsey, who is a speaker at an upcoming CAI training event on telework, laid out five mistakes employers often make with telework programs:
1. Lacking concrete policies.
2. Overinvesting in technology.
3. Failing to train managers.
4. Lacking an implementation strategy.
5. Overlooking a pilot program.

For more on do's and don'ts of telework, read these four recent EBN/Daily Diversion articles. (1,2,3,4)

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BDempsey said...


Thank you for sharing this information on your blog! Our class went exceptionally well, according to the Senior HR Professionals in attendance. We discussed not only the above points, but drilled down into the proactical application. It is so important for companies to understand that launching a Telecommuting Program is not something thst should be done willy-nilly.

Pre-planning into how employees and managers will react and need to be supported, is critical. Managers are often times not given solid policies and procedures andll have a different set of policies and procedures they follow. I'd like to pose the question this your readers, "What would happen if all the managers in your company had a different set of policies regarding Sexual Harrasment?"

Lastly, Telecommuting and Remote Work are about people, not technology. Having the best technology infrastructure in the world isn't going to make your Telecommuting arrangement work, if your people aren't trained and organization not prepared to handle the employee issues that are going to occur. For more information you can visit my blog at

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