Friday, September 26, 2008

Tip of the Day: Take a lunch break - it's good for you

The average executive/manager lunch hour is a mere 35 minutes long, compared with 42 minutes in 2003, states new research from Office Team. On average, people work through lunch three days per week.

But breaks in general are important. Consider these tips from Office Team on how to effectively manage your time out:

  • Plan your day. Schedule your break to fall between projects, if possible, and set morning deadlines for important tasks so you can relax over lunch.
  • Schedule lunch with colleagues. During a busy period, change a team meeting to a working lunch outside the office. The time away will improve your energy while maintaining productivity.
  • Book an appointment. Block off your online calendar so coworkers don't schedule calls or meetings during that time. Be flexible, though, if there are no other options.
  • Step away from the desk. If you are unable to leave your building for lunch, take a walk around the office. If possible, eat in the lunch room or break area with colleagues.
  • Put work aside. If you have to be near your computer or phone, face your chair away and do a nonwork activity, such as reading a newspaper or magazine.

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